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The HP-BC is a high quality, bottom feed airbrush, for work where large volumes of media are required. The 3/4oz. (21ml) color jar fits snugly ot the airbrush using a twist on friction fit. A 1/2oz. (14ml) right- or left-handed color cup is also available for quick touch ups. Since it can handle heavy media, the HP-BC is often used in textile (T-shirt) painting, large studio work, and often for backgrounds and murals.

This is the brush i use 99% of the time


The HP-BCS Eclipse airbrush is available in three sets: airbrush with bottle set, airbrush with bottle set and airhose and in a 6 pack airbrush only set. See Airbrush Accessory section for available bottle sets and description of the optional accessories.
Retail: $140.00
The HP-C is the most versatile of the HP series airbrushes. Its larger 1/3oz. (9ml) gravity feed cup and larger needle/nozzle configuration allow for use with most media. Great for both fine work and larger background spraying. Fine artists, students, set designers, craft and decorative painters, often use the HP-C.

Originally designed for T-shirt artists, the Vega 2000 has become popular for all types of airbrushing. Non-seal self-centering tips (3 sizes) give an unparalleled range from fine line to broad spray, & twice the needle travel for better control. The cutaway handle allows you to clear the tip rapidly by moving the exposed needle chuck back and forth. Good for all types of fabric, art, hobby, auto, sign and taxidermy paints.
Retail: $48.95

This the airbrush i started out with before I new about Iwata's i have 2 of these

2 For sale with hoses

13 tips and 9 heads Available also

Badger Crescendo Airbrush

Follows the versatile design of the Paasche VL. It uses three different head assemblies for a full range of sprays. Complete set includes Badger Crescendo airbrush, three needle tips and aircaps, one 1oz bottle and two 2oz bottles, 1/4 oz colour cup, 6' braided air hose, wrench and information booklet. DOUBLE ACTION INTERNAL MIX BOTTOM FEED AVAILABLE TIPS: FINE: 0.50mm MEDIUM: 0.75mm LARGE: 1.00mm ATOMIZATION: 5

Never tried it got it with another airbrush from eBay

50-6 Sil-Air Airbrush Compressor

Good Intermediate T-shirt and Automotive compressor , auto shut off , on /off switch , silent ( 40db ) , replaceable intake filter ,air regulator , moisture trap , high and low viscosity media , high and low volume airbrush ,1 year warrenty , operating pressure 84-114 PSI , 1/2 horse power ,1.5 gal. air tank , 2.15 CFM free air , 110V/60Hz , maximum airbrushes in use 1@60 PSI , 2@40 PSI , 4@20 PSI , weight 52 pounds : Compressor rated for : t shirts , sign graphics , illustration , fine art , taxidermy , hobby , auto graphics , ceramics


Skull Mater Templates

I bought these to speed up basic back ground graphics, for quick design of skulls they work very well
retail: $17.95 each

Opaque Projector Seerite 10x10



Over the years i haved purched many airbrushing videos

Click on the picture to view a list of the current videos ->

Retail: $39.00 each