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How To Airbrush Real Fire

Starting with 2 flat black shorty helmets
I sanded them with 400 and shot the fronts with orion silver

After designing some harley logos in the computer I cut them out on my plotter
Place the logos on the helmets with transfer tape.
Shoot the helmets with bc25 black.
Now time to airbrush some fire
using molly orange I freehanded some fire.
Now spray the fire with apple red kandy.

My camera messed up on a few steps
and more layers of fire with the molly orange
top that with tangerine kandy.

Now more layers of fire using chrome yellow
top that with pagen gold kandy.
I like my fire more on the red/orange side so lay it on heavy
Add some highlights with some white "helmet on the right"
top that with a little more pagen gold kandy.
To knock back some of the over powering yellows I add some more depth with tangerine kandy
Now to the logo's on the front
add some hard shadows under the logo and Harley Davidson
  Now remove the masking
Add some shadows, cracks and details to the skulls, also darken the eyes and mouths on the skulls in the flames
Off to the booth for 4 coats of clear
Total time to paint these helmets 4 hours.