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How To Airbrush Harley Davidson

Starting with a customers set of tins

I first sanded everything down including the stock pinstripe


Orion silver
Purple Kandy concentrate
Intercoat Clear
Blue and purple Pearl


Step: 1

I sprayed down 3 coats of primer wetsanded and sprayed 4 coats of orion silver

Step: 2

After the silver was dry i taped off the tribal graphic with some transfer tape and tediously cut out the design

Step: 3

After the design was cut out i fogged in the under lying cloudy effect and added drop shadows to the tribal design

Step: 4

After everything was painted in I mixed up some kandy purple with intercoat clear and sprayed the top of the design

Step: 5

After the kandy was applied with the airbrush i painted the bottom half of the tins black

Step: 6

After the black dried i removed the transfer tape to reveal the tribal design


Step 7:

After wiping off any overspray dust i began to airbrush the tribal design free hand.

Step 8:

After everything was airbrush and looked over it was time to clear the best part of any paint job.

After wiping all the tins down with a tack cloth i started to clear.

Step 9:

Wet sand and buff

And your done

Total time to paint this Harley set 3 days.