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How To Airbrush Canvas

How to Airbrush canvas

Starting with a reference photo from the Internet.


Canvas: 36x48

Paint: Beige,Dark Brown,Deep Red,Violet,White,Tropical Green,Phalo Blue,Iron Oxide,Black,Yellow

Airbrush:Iwata HP-BC


Step: 1

Using an opaque projector I traced the basic outlines of the image onto the canvas with a number 2 pencil.

Step: 2

Using Yellow ("the lightest color first") I sketched all of the yellow and brown areas of the image.

Step: 3

Using a mixture of Iron Oxide,yellow,dark Brown I sketched in the darker areas building up color slowly.

Step: 4

Using dark brown and a little black to deepen the color I airbrushed in all the shadows,windows and bottle.

Step: 5

Darkening the pervious mix of dark brown and black I Darken the bottle,shadow, windows and painted the window grate.

Step: 6

Starting with red I paint in all the tomatoes add some red to the background to balance out the colors.

Step: 7

Onto the green I paint the two side window casings and shutters and all the greenery and add some green to the background as well.

Step: 8

Back to the yellow I paint in the lemons and brighten up the background it started to get to gloomy. I also add the yellow to the tomatoes,the greens and the table

Step: 9

Using the Violet I paint in the eggplant and the grapes and add some highlights to the bottle

Step: 10

Using white with a little yellow added I paint in all the highlights and using the bark brown mix I darken the shuttersand shadows and volla you have a finished painting.

Step: 11

Using the black again I painted the edges of the canvas black and touched up any areas that needed to be a bit darker, and don't forget to sign your work...


Total time to paint this canvas 2.5 Hours.